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Become a music logic teacher

Teaching Music Logic works well for individuals who:

• have practical playing skills but have no previous
teaching experience.

• are already established teachers who would like to increase
the effectiveness of their teaching.

Level One Music Logic® Teacher Training is a ten day intensive course,
designed to be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. Details of the next 10 day intensive in January 2013 are below

We also conduct Teacher Training two day seminars from time to time which explore and explain some of the philosophy of Music logic teaching and methods. These two day workshops are a prelude or insight into how the Level One Training works.

Email us at to be informed of other dates


The Complete 10 day Music LogicŪ Teacher Intensive!

The next 10 day intensive will be held in Melbourne to train new Music Logic Teachers from around the globe. Space is very limited so make sure you register your interest NOW

When: Monday 4th May 2015 - Friday 15th May 2015

For more information in this intensive contact John Barton on 0425 778 051
(Intl. +61
425 778 051)




To find out latest times, prices and schedules for any
Music Logic Program contact John Barton:
email - OR phone 0425 778 051



"I have enjoyed this weekend immensely."

"Can't believe I can understand and read music after only two days - at this stage only fourteen hours of your time, and that was shared with twenty others!! Everyone should have the opportunity - every child should learn this way. I will spread the word! Many thanks for sharing your time."

"... I am very impressed with the technique, there are very special insights. I feel better, and can play and understand more with what I've been shown, than the one year of piano lessons that I had when I was in high school. It is truly incredible."

" ... I feel like the mental block that I had with reading notes above and below the staff is gone. I tried to play sheet music at home that I have struggled with for years, and it was almost simple."