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Music Logic® lessons work well with all instruments (voice - strings - brass
- woodwind - guitar - etc.) but particularly well for keyboard instruments
and especially fantastic with piano.

We find that students who do not understand how written music relates to the
profile of the keyboard i.e. (white keys with black keys in groups of twos
and threes) have great difficulty with making sense of how written music
relates to other instruments e.g. guitar fret board -  violin finger board -
clarinet holes and keys - etc.

Lesson structure

• Private Lessons
• Groups Lessons
• Short Courses
• Workshops

Music Logic® offers both private lessons and group lessons. We recomend
group as typically students make more progress while group lessons cost less.

For details of term fees and times contact your closest Music Logic Teacher or contact Head office.

To find out latest times, prices and schedules for any
Music Logic Program contact John Barton:
email -  OR  phone 0425 778 051




"Those marks that appear on five black horizontal lines suddenly make sense.  The piano all of a sudden seems a whole lot less intimidating."

"Very Very Enjoyable. Music finally makes sense. It's like learning a new language instantly."

"It was the most enjoyable learning experience I've ever had. I've learned more about music and myself in this one weekend than I have in my life so far. "

" ..I am very impressed with the technique, there are very special insights.  I feel better, and can play and understand more with what I've been shown, than the one year of piano lessons that I had when I was in high school.  It is truly incredible. "

" ..I feel like the mental block that I had with reading notes above and below the staff is gone.  I tried to play sheet music at home that I have struggled with for years, and it was almost simple."